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Harvesting Daylight While Making Your Glass Perform

For over fifteen years, V-KOOL® is the leading clear window coating that solves the visibility and appearance problems of conventional window tints and reflective films, while significantly reducing solar heat build up.

V-KOOL technology is based on rejecting heat at the window versus absorbing the heat like ceramics and other film technologies. Independent industry tests show that absorbing technologies add stress to the glass and are less efficient, therefore inferior. When applied to glass, V-KOOL allows up to 77% of visible light to pass while eliminating over 96% of infrared and 99% of ultraviolet light.

Retrofit your existing windows or apply to your newly constructed windows. V-KOOL, is the clear choice for your need to block the heat while allowing light to pass through.

In most cases, applying V-KOOL Window Films is at least half the cost of replacing your windows with high performance glass.  Call us to find out how big your savings can be!


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