Green Concepts Intl. Ltd. est. 2009

At Green Concepts Intl. Ltd. (GCI) we have partnered with leading architects, engineers, interior designers, to provide our clients a one stop shop. Through these associations we have become a full service builder and contractor. Our buildings offer an attractive alternative to traditional construction while promoting a healthier environment for our clients and the planet.

GCI has become an industry leader in Jamaica by combining high end design, consulting and construction services with healthy, high-performance green building practices bringing the benefits of sustainable construction to clients who need custom homes, additions, renovations, or commercial spaces. From its inception GCI has been a leader and innovator in the growing green building field from foundation to finishes and everything in between, while protecting the earth's natural environment. We are committed to a practical and affordable approach that will see you through every step of the project from design to build. We strive to offer the best ECO friendly
building products on the market today. Green building besides being necessary to save our planets natural resources just makes Better Sense! Our goal is to offer you the best Eco Friendly, Energy Saving, Non Toxic products on the market. Green Building is more than just the materials and products used on the job but the building techniques and technology as well.